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Further evaluation of the biphasic kinetics of iron removal from transferrin by 3,4-LICAMS

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Further evaluation of the kinetic data for Fe3+ removal from isolated differic and monoferric transferrins by the tricatechol ligand 3,4-LICAMS has allowed full characterization of the four microscopic rate constants. A very small cooperativity exists between the two iron-binding sites with respect to their rates of iron release. The activation free energy profile for the system is presented.

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Kretchmar, S.A., Raymond, K.N. Further evaluation of the biphasic kinetics of iron removal from transferrin by 3,4-LICAMS. Biol Metals 2, 65–68 (1989). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF01129202

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Key words

  • Transferrin
  • Biphasic kinetics
  • Microscopic rate constants
  • 3,4-LICAMS
  • Catechol ligand
  • Cooperativity