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Calculation of beam divergence of pulsed electron-beam-discharge lasers (EBL)

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The beam divergence in electron-beam-discharge lasers is determined by the refraction of the radiation by the gradients of the electron and gas densities. At short pump pulse durations (τ ⪝ 1 μsec) and, accordingly, at high charged-particle densities (ne 1014 cm-3) the divergence is due to the inhomogeneity of the ionization of the active medium. At long durations (τ > 10 μsec) the divergence is determined by the refraction of the radiation by the gas-density gradients produced by the hydrodynamic motion of the active medium during the course of the pump pulse. By using unstable telescopic resonators with dimensions smaller than the energy-input region, it is possible to considerably increase the energy of the radiation whose divergence is due to refraction.

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Translated from Trudy Ordena Lenina Fizicheskogo Instituta im. P. N. Lebedeva, Vol. 116, pp. 181–187, 1980.

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