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Coherent interaction of electromagnetic pulses with two-level systems in the frequency range from superhigh frequencies (HTSC) to X-ray (FEL)

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The coherent interaction of an electromagnetic field with the medium in those cases in which the current emission in matter can be described within the framework of the two-level quantum system is considered. The physical nature of such cases is quite different. The media may be two-level particles (atoms or molecules), superconducting planar structures (e.g., high-temperature superconductors, HTSC, or relativistic electron beams in a free-electron laser (FEL). Also, the dynamics of the electromagnetic field for the visible, microwave, and x-ray wavelength region can be described. A short review of the results is given in the section on two-level particle media. The results of studying the interaction of the field with the electron beams in an x-ray FEL and the field interaction with the HTSC medium are the first to be reported.

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Translated from Preprint No. 82, Lebedev Physics Institute, Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Moscow, 1990.

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Belenov, E.M., Grigor'ev, S.V., Nazarkin, A.V. et al. Coherent interaction of electromagnetic pulses with two-level systems in the frequency range from superhigh frequencies (HTSC) to X-ray (FEL). J Russ Laser Res 11, 498–503 (1990). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF01120736

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  • Electron Beam
  • Electromagnetic Field
  • Quantum System
  • Planar Structure
  • Relativistic Electron