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Reflecting phase volume holographic grating (PVHG) in LiNbO3


The spectral-angular selectivity of reflecting PVHG in LiNbO 3 and electric control of light diffraction are investigated. It is shown that a PVHG with approximate 7000 lines/mmand thickness spatial frequency 3.7mmhas a spectral selectivity 0.023 nm and angular selectivity that varies in the range from 2 to 50 ang. min, depending on the angle between the beams that record the grating. Application of an 850 V electric field decreases the diffraction effectiveness by one-half for an extraordinary wave and a transverse scheme (the transverse dimension of the PVHG is 5 mm). It is established that the spectral-angular characteristics of reflecting PVHG and electric control of light diffraction can be described within the framework of the theory of coupled wave and the electrooptical effect.

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Translated from Lazernye Sistemy, pp. 112–120, 1982.

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Barkan, I.B., Po"yachev, S.P. Reflecting phase volume holographic grating (PVHG) in LiNbO3 . J Russ Laser Res 7, 390–395 (1986).

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  • Spatial Frequency
  • Phase Volume
  • Transverse Dimension
  • Couple Wave
  • Light Diffraction