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Vibroaccelerometer operation

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    Some types of piezoelectric accelerometer, specially miniature ones, have considerable strain sensitivity, which results in completely false readings on vibrational accelerations; one needs to eliminate any alternating strains at the point iof attachment when such devices are used.

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    Piezoelectric accelerometers with beam sensing elements have substantial sensitivity to angular vibrations, so the readings may differ from the true accelerations by very large factors. Such devices should not be used at points where it seems likely that there are angular vibrations. If it is essential to use them, they should be used in pairs attached at the same point to check one on the other.

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    To prevent false readings from being obtained from accelerometers due to damage, they should be protected from excitation at their natural frequencies, or else one should only use highly reliable tested devices.

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Translated from Problemy Prochnosti, No. 11, pp. 82–84, November 1973.

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Roshchin, Y.A., Yurtaev, Y.G., Klimenko, V.A. et al. Vibroaccelerometer operation. Strength Mater 5, 1379–1381 (1973).

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