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X-ray diffraction analysis of diffusional alloying of HfC and TaC

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Diffusion in powder blends of HfC and TaC was studied by Rudman's X-ray diffraction method after 5, 20 and 200 h annealing at 1900‡ C. It was found that hafnium has a higher intrinsic diffusivity compared with tantalum and the homogenization rate is accelerated by grinding the powders together before annealing. The diffusion mechanism was observed to differ in the inner and in the surface parts of the pressed tablets. The degree of interdiffusion and the diffusion coefficients were also determined.

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Valvoda, V., Dobiášová, L. & Karen, P. X-ray diffraction analysis of diffusional alloying of HfC and TaC. J Mater Sci 20, 3605–3609 (1985).

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