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Feasibility of in vitro culturing of lesional psoriatic keratinocytes in medium containing high calcium concentrations

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Lesional psoriatic kerationocyte (LPK) culture is considered to be difficult under high-Ca2+ conditions in the absence of special proliferative agents. Using a permeable collagen membrane, we obtained a culture of LPKs under high-Ca2+ conditions without any special proliferative agents. Single-cell suspensions were prepared from the epidermis of chronic psoriatic plaques. Cells were inoculated on the collagen membrane suspended slightly above the bottom of a Petri dish. We used a culture medium of Eagle's MEM containing 10% fetal calf serum. LPKs attached to the membrane 12 h after inoculation and gradually spread. They reached a confluent state by the 10th day of culture. We measured the concentrations of TGFα and IL-6 in the medium of LPKs, and compared these with the concentrations in normal keratinocyte (NK) cultures. Significantly increased secretion of TGFα by LPKs was observed during the initial phase but this secretion subsequently decreased. Concentrations of IL-6 were below the detectable level in both of NKs and LPKs throughout the observation period. Our results demonstrate that cultured LPKs under high-Ca2+ conditions secrete a larger amount of TGFα but not IL-6. Our cell culture system, which allows LPKs to spread and stratify, contributes to the study of the pathogenesis of psoriasis.

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