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Local current densities in a two rotating disc electrode system with an axial electrolyte inlet measured by an autoradiographic method

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The distribution of local current densities in a rotating electrolyser with axial electrolyte inlet in a laminar flow regime was studied by the autoradiographic method. With all systems studied, the local current density decreased monotonically from a maximum value at the inner to a minimum at the outer boundary of the electrode. Experimental results are compared with the numerical solution of the convective diffusion equation by the finite element method.

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a, b :


c :


c 0 :

concentration in the bulk phase

d :

optical density

D :

diffusion coefficient

F :

Faraday constant, 96 487 C mol−1

h :

interelectrode distance

j :

local current density

J n, dif :

density of diffusion flux in outer normal direction

n :

number of electrons transferred in the elementary step

\(\dot n_{dif}\) :

diffusion flux

Q :

volume rate of flow

r :

radial coordinate

r 0 :

inner electrode radius

r 1 :

outer electrode radius

r v :

radius of inlet orifice

r d :

outer disc radius

t :


v r :

radial velocity component of liquid

v z :

normal velocity component of liquid

z :

normal coordinate


thickness of the layer in which the equation of convective diffusion is solved

v :

kinematic viscocity


angular velocity


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Šimek, M., Roušar, I. & Štverák, B. Local current densities in a two rotating disc electrode system with an axial electrolyte inlet measured by an autoradiographic method. J Appl Electrochem 21, 6–10 (1991).

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  • Physical Chemistry
  • Finite Element Method
  • Laminar Flow
  • Flow Regime
  • Diffusion Equation