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Vapour-phase siliconizing of some nickel-base alloys and transition metals using Si2Cl6 as a source of silicon

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Some nickel-base alloys and transition metals were siliconized using hexachlorodisilane (Si2Cl6, b.p. 144° C) in the temperature range 500 to 1000° C, and subsequently their corrosion stabilities were examined. Using hexachlorodisilane as a silicon source, the siliconizing temperature could be lowered by 150° C for Monel, 200° C for Inconel (No. 600), 50° C for titanium and 150° C for molybdenum in comparison with that using silicon tetrachloride. The corrosion stability of Inconel plate against 1N H2SO4 and 1N HNO3 were improved considerably by the siliconizing of the surface. On the other hand, that of Monel against 1N H2SO4 was improved outstandingly by the siliconizing of the surface, but not improved against 1N HNO3.

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  • Polymer
  • Silicon
  • Titanium
  • Molybdenum
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