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Epididymal histoplasmosis diagnosed by isolation ofHistoplasma capsulatum from semen

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An autochthonous case of epididymal histoplasmosis masquerading as tuberculosis in a 55-year-old male patient is reported from India. It was diagnosed by culture ofHistoplasma capsulatum from semen and by demonstration of the fungus upon re-examination of epididymal biopsy sections previously misinterpreted as tuberculous granuloma. The patient's main complaints were painful epididymal swelling, occasional fever and cough. He was treated successfully by excision of epididymis and vas deferens combined with amphotericin B therapy. This is believed to be the first case of epididymal histoplasmosis to be reported outside the American continent and the fourth of its type reported in the English literature. The case is also noteworthy in thatH. capsulatum was isolated for the first time from semen, and it underlines the importance of mycological culture of semen specimens for diagnosis of genitourinary infections of obscure etiology.

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  • Amphotericin B
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