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Escaping from abuse: Unique issues for women with disabilities


This article is an overview of the issues and problems facing women with disabilities who have been battered and abused. It is written by two women who have experienced abuse and have been involved with the Finex House in Jamaica Plains, Massachusetts. The article discusses specific problem areas facing women with disabilities such as accessibility, self-protection and shelters available. It also examines the unique psychological and socialization problems that women with disabilities must deal with throughout the developmental process. Finally, the article addresses prevention issues and how to protect one's self from an abuser.

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Correspondence to Chris Womendez.

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The authors recognize that disabled men are also the targets of abuse. However, our experiences have been almost entirely with women.

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Womendez, C., Schneiderman, K. Escaping from abuse: Unique issues for women with disabilities. Sex Disabil 9, 273–279 (1991).

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