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Change of structure and properties of iron-nickel alloys in shot-impact hardening

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    The changes in the martensite substructure of the surface layer have a determining effect on the contact fatigue life of N22 and 25N20 alloys subjected to shot-impact treatment (SH).

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    An increase in the contact life of iron-nickel alloys is attained in a narrow range of SH regimes, which ensure alongside with strengthening and creation of high residual compressive stresses a more stable structure, being characterized by a lowered level of microdistortions and low mobility of dislocations.

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    It is recommended to combine the shot-impact treatment of iron-nickel alloys with subsequent low-temperature annealing at which martensite hardening takes place as a result of strain aging and reduction of microdistortions which facilitate increase of resistance to contact fatigue failure.

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    The structure of iron-nickel alloys is similar to the martensite structure of the carbonized layers of gears. This permits the assumption of a similar mechanism of the effect of SH on carbonized gears. The results of this investigation can be used in developing SH regimes for gears.

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Moscow State Technical University. Translated from Metallovedenie i Termicheskaya Obrabotka Metallov, No. 6, pp. 23–25, June, 1990.

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Pakhomova, S.A., Ryzhov, N.M. Change of structure and properties of iron-nickel alloys in shot-impact hardening. Met Sci Heat Treat 32, 422–426 (1990).

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