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Theory of the light curves of eclipsing systems with oscillating components, II

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In continuation of our preceding investigation (Kopal, 1982c) of photometric consequences of free oscillations — radial or nonradial — of the eclipsing component on the light changes of close binary systems, the aim of the present paper will be to extend the scope of our inquiry to include the effects of similar oscillations of the component which undergoes eclipse, with arbitrary period and phase.

In Sections 2 and 3 which follow a brief introduction to the particular aspect of the problem treated in this paper, a theory will be given of photometric effects caused by arbitrary harmonic oscillations of the components of eclipsing binary systems distorted by equilibrium tides, or by axial rotation with constant angular velocity. A translation of these effects into the frequency domain constitutes a problem which is solvable in a closed form only if the eclipse in question ends in totality. In any other case, the desired effects can be mathematically described only in terms of infinite series (of satisfactory asymptotic properties); and a construction of their explicit forms will be given in the Appendix.

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  • Angular Velocity
  • Frequency Domain
  • Binary System
  • Closed Form
  • Explicit Form