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Middle ages temperature reconstructions in europe, a focus on northeastern Italy

  • Françoise Serre-Bachet


In the set of climate reconstructions from tree-rings available for Europe, Scandinavia and North Africa, there are very few reconstructions relating to the Middle Ages, one of the main reasons being the scarcity of continuous and reliable tree-ring series. The five longest temperature reconstructions covering the period 950–1500 are presented here. A sixth reconstruction is proposed which concerns the mean April to September temperature at the geographical point 45° N-10° E (Northeastern Italy), and a comparison is made with the five other reconstructions.


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  • Françoise Serre-Bachet
    • 1
  1. 1.URA CNRS 1152, Laboratoire de Botanique historique et PalynologieFaculté des Sciences et Techniques de St-JérômeFrance

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