Fluid Dynamics

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Taylor instability of a flat isentropic layer with isobaric boundaries

  • N. A. Inogamov


A study is made of the stability of the hydrostatic equilibrium of a layer of gas with flat boundaries in a uniform gravity field. A similar problem was considered by Plesset and Hsieh [1], who considered only the short-wavelength correction to the incompressible case, i.e., made a calculation in the approximation of small λ/L, and calculated the first two terms in the expansion of the growth rate with respect to the parameter λ/L, where λ is the wavelength and L the thickness of the layer. In the present paper, the growth rate of the Taylor instability is found for the case of isobaric boundaries for arbitrary ratio λ/L. The calculation is made for the case when there is not necessarily a vacuum at the top of the layer. An error made by Plesset and Hsieh [1] in selecting the solution at the interface with the vacuum is corrected. It is shown that in the case of an isentropic layer the Taylor mode is the only unstable one.


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Literature cited

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  • N. A. Inogamov
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  1. 1.Moscow

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