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Temperature fields in the case of unsteady flow in porous media

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A study is made of the temperature fields in the case of flow in a porous medium due to redistribution of the pressure field (barothermal effect). It is shown that in an unsteady pressure field the barothermal effect depends on the nature of the variation of the pressure along the flow path of the fluid. Flow conditions are determined under which the barothermal effect is close to the Joule-Thomson effect.

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Translated from Izvestiya Akademii Nauk SSSR, Mekhanika Zhidkosti i Gaza, No. 4, pp. 175–178, July–August, 1983.

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Ramazanov, A.S., Filippov, A.I. Temperature fields in the case of unsteady flow in porous media. Fluid Dyn 18, 646–649 (1983).

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