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Petrology of seamounts northwest of Samoa and their relation to Samoan volcanism

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Petrological and geochemical data on dredged samples from five submarine volcanos northwest of Samoa indicate that three of these volcanos belong to the Samoan volcanic province (Field, Lalla Rookh, and Combe banks), and two belong to separate magmatic zones (Wallis Islands and Alexa Bank). The Samoan volcanic province increases in age westward and both shield-building tholeiitic and alkalic lavas (Combe Bank) and strongly undersaturated (post-erosional?) melilitites or nephelinites and ankaramites (Field and Lalla Rookh banks) are present. The age progression and petrochemical character of these rocks is consistent with a fixed hotspot beneath eastern Samoa. Slightly askew from this trend is Alexa Bank where dredged lavas are ocean-island tholeiites; however, its radiometric age and compositional characteristics apparently preclude its association with Samoa by a fixed-hotspot model. Dredged volcanic rocks from near the Wallis Islands are geochemically, petrologically, and temporally different from Samoan volcanism, but are similar in these respects to Quaternary volcanism in Rotuma and Fiji and may be related to plate reorganization accompanying opening of the North Fiji Basin.

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