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Effects of temperature and medium composition on the ethanol tolerance ofBacillus stearothermophilus LLD-15


The effects of temperature (60°–70°C) and medium composition (complex and defined) on ethanol tolerance ofBacillus stearothermophillus LLD-15, an L-lactate dehydrogenase mutant have been determined in shake flasks under aerobic conditions. In all cases, there was complete inhibition of growth in the presence of 6%v/v ethanol.B. stearothermophillus LLD-15 was found to be less tolerant to ethanol at 70°C than at 60°C and also less tolerant to ethanol in a defined medium than in a complex medium.

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  • Aerobic Condition
  • Shake Flask
  • Complete Inhibition
  • Medium Composition
  • Complex Medium