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Comparison of white clover and ammonium nitrate as nitrogen sources for tall fescue

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White clover was compared against five rates of nitrogen fertilizer (NH4NO3) as sources of N for tall fescue over a 3 year period. The white clover-tall fescue combination produced as much forage as tall fescue alone fertilized with 132–198 kg N ha−1 in the first 2 years. However, in the third year the white clover-tall fescue combination only produced as much forage as tall fescue alone fertilized with 0–66 kg N ha−1 as a result of a large decline in the stand of white clover. Tall fescue alone showed a significant response to fertilization up to the maximum rate of 264 kg N ha−1. Tall fescue fertilized with 264 kg N ha−1 produced significantly more forage than the white clover-tall fescue combination in all 3 years.

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