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Continuous hydrolysis ofβ-casein in a membrane reactor: Preparation of a bioactive peptide


Continuous Stirred Tank Membrane Reactor was used to investigate the continuous and selective extraction of a bioactive peptideβ-CN (193–209) from bovineβ-casein/chymosin hydrolysate. It was shown that the feasibility of the process depends on the nature and the area of ultrafiltration membrane used. With an inorganic (carbon-zirconia) membrane, high retention of the peptide constitutes a limit to the operation. However, when the reactor was equipped with a cellulosic type membrane, satisfactory transmission of the peptide was obtained. As shown by RP-HPLC and mass spectrometry analysis, onlyβ-CN (193–209) permeates through the membrane.

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Bouhallab, S., Mollé, D. & Léonil, J. Continuous hydrolysis ofβ-casein in a membrane reactor: Preparation of a bioactive peptide. Biotechnol Lett 15, 697–702 (1993).

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