Social Indicators Research

, Volume 34, Issue 3, pp 325–338 | Cite as

Patterns of inter- and intra-regional inequality: A socio-economic approach

  • Amita Majumder
  • Krishna Mazumdar
  • Snigdha Chakrabarti


The regional development pattern of five regions, viz., North, South, Tropical America, Tropical Asia and Tropical Africa [see Theil (1989)] is studied using two indices based on a group of representative socio-economic indicators. The analysis is based on measures of ‘inequality’ and ‘mobility’. Comparison of results using these indices and the Per Capita Gross Domestic Product (PCGDP) reveals that while the situation with respect to PCGDP has worsened over the years, that with respect to the socio-economic indicators has become better.


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  • Amita Majumder
  • Krishna Mazumdar
  • Snigdha Chakrabarti

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