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Effect of somatostatin on meal-induced gastric secretion in duodenal ulcer patients


The effect of somatostatin, a growth hormone release-inhibiting hormone (GH-RIH), on basal and meal-, pentagastrin-, or histamine-stimulated gastric acid and pepsin secretion was studied in six duodenal ulcer patients. Intravenous GH-RIH infused in graded doses ranging from 0.62 to 5.0 μg/kg/hr produced a dose-related inhibition of pentagastrin-induced acid secretion reaching about 15% of control level at the dose of 5.0 μg/kg/hr. Acid inhibition was paralleled by a decrease in the pepsin output and accompanied by a dosedependent reduction in serum growth hormone and insulin levels measured by radio-immunoassay. GH-RIH used in a single dose of 2.5 μg/kg/hr produced about 85% inhibition of acid secretion induced by a meal (measured by intragastric titration) accompanied by a significant decrease in serum gastrin and insulin levels. The effect of GH-RIH on histamine-stimulated secretion was very modest and observed only after stopping the GH-RIH infusion. Thus GH-RIH suppressed acid and pepsin secretion induced by pentagastrin and a meal, and this effect was accompanied by a suppression of serum growth hormone and gastrin levels which may contribute to the inhibition of gastric secretion observed.

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  • Growth Hormone
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