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Motor effect of dopamine on human sigmoid colon evidence for specific receptors

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The effect of dopamine on human sigmoid motility has been studied in 26 subjects. To record mechanical activity of the sigmoid colon, two small, air-filled balloons mounted on a probe introduced through a sigmoidoscope were used. The recordings were made at a distance of 25 and 15 cm from the anal edge. Dopamine was infused for 10 min after a 30-min control infusion of physiologic solution. Mean amplitude, mean duration, mean frequency, percentage of motor activity, and motility index of the pressure waves were determined. The motor response to dopamine was characterized by an increased baseline pressure with phasic waves superimposed. Dopamine produced a significant response at the dose of 5 μg/kg/min. Alpha and beta antagonizing agents failed to oppose the effect of dopamine, while anticholinergic drugs enhanced its motor action. These studies suggest that dopamine may stimulate the motor function of human large bowel through specific receptors.

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