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A new technique of endoscopic esophageal biopsy using multipurpose biopsy tube in the diagnosis of reflux esophagitis


A very easily performed new technique of simultaneous introduction of Rubin's multipurpose biopsy tube and gastrofiberscope in the diagnosis of reflux esophagitis is described. This technique will obviate the need of taking multiple biopsies and adds the advantage of direct observation of abnormal mucosa. As the biopsy is obtained under direct vision, there is no need of x-ray or manometric localization and one can avoid inadvertently biopsying a varix or a friable ulcer

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Correspondence to Dr. J. C. Mangla MD, FRCP(C), FACP.

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Mangla, J.C., Kalra, T.M. A new technique of endoscopic esophageal biopsy using multipurpose biopsy tube in the diagnosis of reflux esophagitis. Digest Dis Sci 20, 775–780 (1975). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF01070836

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