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Quadrupole mass filtering for registration of blood gas partial pressures

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With a newly developed quadrupole mass spectrometer several blood gas partial pressures are recorded simultaneously and continuously. In the mass filter the separation of the ions to be detected takes place in a hyperbolic electric field with variable direct and alternating voltages with a constant frequency of 2.4 MHz.

For blood gas analysis a fully relaxed experimental animal was artificially ventilated and provided with arterial and venous catheters. Each catheter consisted flexible steel tubing (external diameter 0.6 mm) slotted near the end and covered with a silicone rubber membrane. The distance from the measuring tip to the mass spectrometer was 150 cm. Experiments with blood, in vivo equilibrated with gas mixtures, showed good reproducibility; the mean error of the helium partial pressure, for example, was less than 4%.

During respiration using a gas mixture with 40% argon, the time constantt 63% was found to be 55 s for the whole experimental arrangement including the experimental animal.

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