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Electrophysiological study of central projections of ampullae of lorenzini in skates

  • Yu. N. Andrianov
  • G. R. Broun
  • O. B. Il'inskii
  • V. M. Muraveiko


The topical representation of individual electroreceptor organs (ampullae of Lorenzini) or groups of them on brain neurons of the thorny skate was investigated. The electroreceptor system was shown to be represented in the anterior lateral lobes of the medulla, the caudal portion of the auricles of the cerebellum, and the midbrain. In the medulla zones of representation of electroreceptors and mechanoreceptors are segregated. No precise somatotopic organization of electroreceptor representation was found in the anterior lateral lobe or in the auricles of the cerebellum. Connections of midbrain neurons with receptors on both ipsilateral and contralateral sides of the body were demonstrated.


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  • Yu. N. Andrianov
  • G. R. Broun
  • O. B. Il'inskii
  • V. M. Muraveiko

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