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Diameters and conduction velocities of fibers in the cat auditory pathways

  • E. D. Genis
  • F. N. Serkov


The diameters of nerve fibers in the brachium colliculi inferioris and geniculo-cortical tract were measured. The thickness of these fibers ranges from 0.5 to 6.0 µ, and in 82–88% of them it is 1.0–3.0 µ. About 100,000 nerve fibers were found in cross-sections through the brachium colliculi inferioris. The velocity of conduction along centripetal fibers of the geniculo-cortical tract was determined. It varied from 11 to 28.6 m/sec in different fibers, and in 71% of them it was between 15 and 22 m/sec. The composition of the fibers of the geniculo-cortical tract was compared relative to their thickness and conduction velocity.


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  • E. D. Genis
  • F. N. Serkov

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