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Electrochemical investigation of an illuminated TiO2-electrode

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The electrochemical behaviour of a TiO2-film electrode has been investigated with and without illumination. An anodic photo current has been observed in agreement with the results of Fujishima and Honda [5]. This current can be described by an oxide type electrode reaction evolving O2. The potential of this electrode reaction depends on the logarithm of the light intensity and can only become sufficiently cathodic to allow for a water splitting process if very high light intensities are available. At lower light intensities a system consisting of a TiO2-film electrode and a reversible oxygen electrode works as a fully regenerative photocell, oxygen being evolved at the illuminated TiO2 electrode and consumed at the counter electrode.

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  • Oxygen
  • TiO2
  • Light Intensity
  • Counter Electrode
  • Electrochemical Behaviour