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Supersonic gas flow over a semi-infinite plate with small harmonic spanwise disturbances

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The method of matched asymptotic expansions is used to investigate the problem of supersonic perfect-gas flow over a semi-infinite surface with longitudinal ribbing formed by imposing small transverse harmonic perturbations on a flat plate. The ratio of the maximum amplitude of the surface perturbations to the thickness of the boundary layer is of the order of Re−1/4. The problem is solved with allowance for four terms of the expansion.

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Translated from Izvestiya Rossiiskoi Akademii Nauk, Mekhanika Zhidkosti i Gaza, No.1, pp. 146–156, January–February, 1993.

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Bashkin, V.A., Shabanov, V.N. Supersonic gas flow over a semi-infinite plate with small harmonic spanwise disturbances. Fluid Dyn 28, 111–118 (1993).

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  • Boundary Layer
  • Asymptotic Expansion
  • Maximum Amplitude
  • Flat Plate
  • Matched Asymptotic Expansion