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Cadmium kinetics in freshwater clams. III. Effects of zinc on uptake and distribution of cadmium inAnodonta cygnea


Freshwater clams (Anodonta cygnea) were exposed to Cd2+ (25 μg/L) or to Cd2+ (25 μg/L) plus Zn2+ (2.5 mg/L). In the presence of zinc, uptake of cadmium in whole clam was halved. In organs such as the gills, mantle, and labial palps a still larger reduction of Cd accumulation occurred. By contrast, accumulation in midgut gland and kidney was hardly affected by the presence of zinc. It is shown that in the gills zinc competes with cadmium for metal binding sites both within the particulate fraction and the high-molecular weight fraction of the cytosol. Zinc probably did not induce an enlarged synthesis of specific metal-binding, metallothionein-like, proteins. In conclusion, zinc exerts antagonistic effects on uptake of cadmium by gills, and accelerates Cd transport from the gills towards the internal organs.

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