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Changes in plasma, liver, and ovary vitellogenin in landlocked atlantic salmon following exposure to sublethal cyanide

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Female landlocked Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar Ouananiche) were exposed to 0.005 mg/L hydrogen cyanide (HCN) for 12 days at 7±1°C during late vitellogenesis (October). Plasma vitellogenin and liver and gonad ‘vitellogenin’ levels were measured by homologous radioimmunoassay (RIA) specifically developed for this species. Results indicated that plasma vitellogenin levels increased in cyanide exposed fish. ‘Vitellogenin’ levels in the liver did not change relative to control fish suggesting that the increased levels of plasma vitellogenin did not result from a change in synthesis in the liver. ‘Vitellogenin’ levels declined in the gonad relative to the controls by day 12. Elevated plasma vitellogenin levels along with decreased ‘vitellogenin’ in the gonads suggest that exposure of female salmon to sublethal HCN during late vitellogenesis inhibits the uptake of vitellogenin at the ovarian level.

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