Journal of Neuro-Oncology

, Volume 26, Issue 1, pp 1–9

Nuclear morphometry and DNA densitometry of human gliomas by image analysis

  • Yoshihiko Yoshii
  • Atsushi Saito
  • Tadao Nose
Laboratory Investigation


In 48 patients with gliomas in whom complete clinical follow-up was obtained, DNA ploidy was evaluated by using formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissues and by means of image analysis. The mean DNA indices, determined by averaging DNA indices of all tumor cells in a tumor, were mainly affected by mean DNA indices of the nuclei of SG2M phase tumor cell (including S phase and G2M phase cells) (SG2M DNA indices) and that mean DNA indices correlated with the SG2M phase fraction. The SG2M DNA indices and the percentage of tumor cells with S phase and G2M phase were higher in high grade gliomas including anaplastic glioma and glioblastoma multiforme than in low grade gliomas. Patients with G2M-hypertetraploid tumors demonstrated a shorter time to tumor progression than those with G2M-tetraploid in high grade glioma. Morphometrically, the nuclei of SG2M phase glioma cells were larger and more deformity than those of G0G1 phase (including G0 phase and G1 phase cells) cells. The G2M-hypertetraploid tumors were highly malignant and demonstrated large nuclei, greater nuclear deformity, and a higher proliferative potential. The G2M-tetraploid gliomas demonstrated a shorter time to tumor progression in cases whose the SG2M fraction was large. In contrast, G2M-hypotetraploid gliomas revealed an insignificant trend towards a longer time to tumor progression than those associated with tetraploid and hypertetraploid gliomas. We emphasize herein the prognostic importance of the SG2M phase cell, as well as other proliferation indices.

Key words

human gliomas DNA index G2M phase cell image cytometry morphometry 


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  • Atsushi Saito
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  • Tadao Nose
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