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Parameter and cost optimizations for a modular stellarator reactor

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The physical scaling and cost scaling of a modular stellarator reactor are described. It is shown that configurations based onl=2 are best able to support adequate beta, and physical relationships are derived which enable the geometry and parameters of anl=2 modular stellarator to be defined. A cost scaling for the components of the nuclear island is developed using Starfire (tokamak reactor study) engineering as a basis. It is shown that for minimum cost the stellarator should be of small aspect ratio. For a 4000 MWth plant, as Starfire, the optimum configuration is a 15 coil, 3 field period,l=2 device with a major radius of 16 m and a plasma minor radius of 2 m; and with a conservative wall loading of 2 MW/m2 and an average beta of 3.9%; the estimated cost per kilowatt (electrical) is marginally (7%) greater than Starfire.

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