Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

, Volume 102, Issue 2, pp 188–207 | Cite as

Point interactions in the problem of three quantum particles with internal structure

  • K. A. Makarov
  • V. V. Melezhik
  • A. K. Motovilov


A system of three quantum particles with internal structure in which the two-body interactions are point interactions and are described in terms of two-channel Hamiltonians is considered. It is established that in the cases when the parameters of the model are such that the total Hamiltonian of the three-particle system is semibounded the Faddeev equations are Fredholm equations. Boundary conditions are formulated for the differential Faddeev equations whose solutions are the scattering wave functions.


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  • K. A. Makarov
  • V. V. Melezhik
  • A. K. Motovilov

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