Boundary-Layer Meteorology

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Model experiments on free-convection heat and mass transfer of leaves and plant elements

  • P. H. Schuepp


Effects of orientation, shape, and surface structure on the free convection mass transfer of plates, leaf- and plant-models were studied in an electrolytic system. The results were extrapolated to the transfer of heat and mass in air, in an effort to predict realistic boundary-layer transfer coefficients for leaves and plant-like surfaces. Flow visualization complemented the investigation.

The results indicate that increases in transfer of 50% over that of a vertical plate are possible for non-vertical rough leaves, but that a 25% increase is a more reasonable estimate for an ‘average plant’. Evidence is also presented that more reliable caluclations of the transfer properties of pine needles are obtained if the needles are approximated by vertical cylinders, rather than by horizontal ones.


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  • P. H. Schuepp
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  1. 1.Macdonald Campus of McGill UniversityQue.Canada

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