Multivariate models for landslide hazard evaluation

  • Alberto Carrara


As part of a long-term project aimed at a better understanding of the geological and geomorphological factors that control slope instability phenomena in Southern Italy, multivariate models for assessing landslide incidence hazard were developed and tested in two Calabrian sample areas characterized by different geological-geomorphological conditions. Discriminant analysis, based on a large set of mappable geological and geomorphical variables, is able to discriminate rather successfully between stable and unstable areas or slope units. Multiple regression analysis has also proved to be a useful tool in predicting actual and potential landslide hazard. Consequently, geomathematical models may provide a feasible approach to environmental hazard assessment, particularly when applied within the framework of a wider multidisciplinary project for land evaluation and planning.

Key words

slope instability landslide hazard multivariate models discriminant analysis multiple regression analysis land evaluation 


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  • Alberto Carrara
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  1. 1.Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche—IRPICosenzaItaly

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