Biotechnology Letters

, Volume 7, Issue 3, pp 185–190 | Cite as

Cellulase and beta-glucosidase production by mexied culture of trichoderma reesei rut C30 and aspergillus phoenicis

  • Sheldon J. B. Duff
  • David G. Cooper
  • O. Maynard Fuller


When lignocellulosic materials are hydrolysed using cellulase fromTrichodermareesei, cellobiose accumulates due to a deficiency in β-glucosidase activity of the enzyme complex. Cellobiose decreases the rate and extent of hydrolysis through feedback inhibition of exo β-1,4-glucanase. Cellulase produced through mixed culture ofTrichoderma andAspergillus showed increased β-glucosidase activity and greatly improved hydrolytic potential.


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© Kluwer Academic Publishers 1985

Authors and Affiliations

  • Sheldon J. B. Duff
    • 1
  • David G. Cooper
    • 2
  • O. Maynard Fuller
    • 2
  1. 1.National Research Council of CanadaOttawaCanada
  2. 2.Dept. of Chemical EngineeringMcGill UniversityMontrealCanada

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