Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

, Volume 100, Issue 1, pp 912–915 | Cite as

Notes on the differential calculi on quantum linear groups

  • P. N. Pyatov
  • P. A. Saponov


This talk is devoted to the problem of constructing differential calculi on quantum linear groups. Based on the natural algebraic postulates, we examine the possible commutation relations for theGLq(N)- andSLq(N)-invariant differential forms and vector fields. It turns out that there exist several families of admissible commutation rules forGLq(N), but, in contrast, the commutation prescription forSLq(N) is unique.


Vector Field Commutation Relation Differential Form Linear Group Differential Calculus 
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  • P. N. Pyatov
  • P. A. Saponov

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