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Systematics ofAbrotanella, an Amphi-pacific genus ofAsteraceae (Senecioneae)

  • Ulf Swenson


The amphi-pacific genusAbrotanella (Gaudich.)Cass. of the southern hemisphere in theAsteraceae (Senecioneae, Blennospermatinae) is revised and 18 species are recognized. Three new species are described:A. fertilisSwenson from New Zealand,A. purpureaSwenson andA. trilobataSwenson from southern South America. The sexual function of central florets, perfect or functionally male, floret vascular pattern, and internal secretory spaces in the phyllaries are shown to be taxonomically informative for the circumscription of the species. Central without marginal vascular tissue in the lobes of florets, a unique pattern forAsteraceae, is reported. A diagnostic key, line drawings, descriptions, and distribution maps are supplied for all species.

Key words

Asteraceae Senecioneae Blennospermatinae Abrotanella Revision morphology taxonomy 


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  • Ulf Swenson
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Systematic BotanyUppsala UniversityUppsalaSweden

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