Plant Systematics and Evolution

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Leaf micromorphology inAgathis and its taxonomic implications

  • C. N. Page


This study surveys the micromorphological surface structure of the leaves of the conifer genusAgathis (Araucariaceae) from throughout the range of the genus (Malaysia to New Zealand and Fiji) as seen with the scanning electron microscope. These data confirm that the vegetative parts ofAgathis are taxonomically highly conservative, but suggest the Melanesian and New Zealand elements to be distinctive from those of the rest of the genus, and from one another. Conclusions are compared with those that have been derived from studies based on other characters.

Key words

Araucariaceae Agathis Anatomy SEM leaf micromorphology 


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  • C. N. Page
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  1. 1.Inverleith RowRoyal Botanic GardenEdinburghScotland, UK

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