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DNA contents, giemsa banding, and systematics inScilla bifolia, S. drunensis, andS. vindobonensis (Liliaceae)

  • Johann Greilhuber


DNA contents have been determined cytophotometrically in the three Central European, relatedScilla speciesS. bifolia (2n = 18, 2 x, 1 C = 6.2 pg),S. drunensis (2n = 36, 4 x, 1 C = 12.8 pg), andS. vindobonensis (2n = 18, 2 x, 1 C = 9.4 pg). The tetraploid speciesS. drunensis contains twice as much DNA as the diploidS. bifolia. However, the diploid speciesS. vindobonensis differs in DNA content fromS. bifolia by a factor of about 1.5. This difference is largely due to euchromatic DNA, although the higher DNA content inS. vindobonensis is combined with higher heterochromatin content. The data indicate thatS. bifolia andS. drunensis on the one hand, andS. vindobonensis on the other hand are phyletically well separated. Previous taxonomic conclusions from morphology as well as C-banding are thus corroborated.

Key words

Liliaceae Scilleae Scilla bifolia S. drunensis S. vindobonensis DNA content heterochromatin C-banding patterns karyotype evolution 


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  • Johann Greilhuber
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  1. 1.Institut für BotanikUniversität WienWienAustria

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