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Studies on the limnology and primary production of a tropical lake

  • S. U. Hussainy


Limnology of Vihar lake has been studied for one year with reference to primary production. There is an unstable thermal stratification. Complete circulation is brought about by the wind. The thermal stratification does not follow the formulation ofBirge. There was a tendency for the D.O. to increase during late November 1964 to early January 1965. During the six weeks it was possible that a complete mixing is brought about. Carbon dioxide was more in the bottom water than in the surface water. The surface waters were found in general to be less alkaline in cooler months than in warmer months. The fluctuation in the alkalinity may be due to the photosynthetic activity of the algae. There is always a pH stratification, however, it was found to be unstable. The productivity test revealed that the compensation depth during the test period was 30′. There was a little relationship between the phosphate and chlorophyll. However, the fluctuations in chlorophyll, pH, and D.O. seem to be interrelated. The nitrates were absent in the surface waters on almost all occasions. The fluctuation in the total iron was not striking. The sulphates were totally absent.


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