Infinite-horizon optimal controls for problems governed by a volterra integral equation with state-and-control-dependent discount factor

  • D. A. Carlson
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In this work, we concern ourselves with the existence of optimal solutions to optimal control problems defined on an unbounded time interval with states governed by a nonlinear Volterra integral equation. These results extend both the work of Baum and others in infinite-horizon control of ordinary differential equations as well as the work of Angell concerning integral equations. In addition, we incorporate into the objective functional (described by an improper integral) a discount factor which reflects a hereditary dependence on both state and control. In this manner, we are able to generalize the recent results of Becker, Boyd, and Sung in which they establish an existence theorem in the calculus of variations with objective functionals of the so-called recursive type. Our results are obtained through the use of appropriate lower-closure theorems and compactness conditions. Examples are presented in which the applicability of our results is demonstrated.

Key Words

Infinite-horizon optimal control Volterra integral equations recursive objective functionals 


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  • D. A. Carlson
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  1. 1.Department of MathematicsUniversity of ToledoToledo

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