Plant Systematics and Evolution

, Volume 163, Issue 3–4, pp 227–280

Taxonomic and morphological studies inHypecoum sect.Hypecoum (Papaveraceae)

  • Åslög E. Dahl

DOI: 10.1007/BF00936517

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Dahl, Å.E. Pl Syst Evol (1989) 163: 227. doi:10.1007/BF00936517


Hypecoum sect.Hypecoum comprises 8 species, one with 2 additional subspecies, in the Mediterranean area and the Middle East. Five of these are recognized for the first time, viz.Hypecoum procumbens L. subsp.fragrantissimumÅ. E. Dahl,H. procumbens L. subsp.atropunctatumÅ. E. Dahl,H. trullatumÅ. E. Dahl,H. angustilobumÅ. E. Dahl andH. torulosumÅ. E. Dahl.H. dimidiatumDelile andH. pseudograndiflorumPetr., which have generally been included inH. imberbeSm., are reestablished as distinct species. Morphology and variation patterns are described and discussed with special reference to mating systems. Self-incompatibility is dominating butH. procumbens subsp.procumbens andH. torulosum are self-compatible. The broad variation ranges of the former taxon in traits presumably related to mating system (petal, anther and stigma sizes as well as pollenovule ratios) indicate varying rates of outcrossing. SEM micrographs are given of petal and stigma surfaces and of pollen grains. Chromosome counts are presented for seven taxa. All are diploid with 2n = 16.

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Angiosperms Papaveraceae Hypecoum Taxonomy morphological variation mating system autogamy UV-reflection pollen morphology chromosome numbers 

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  • Åslög E. Dahl
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  1. 1.Department of Systematic BotanyGöteborgSweden

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