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Delimitation and classification ofBromus fasciculatus (Poaceae)

  • Hildemar Scholz


The syntypes ofBromus madritensis var.delileiBoiss. comprise two different elements: specimens ofB. haussknechtiiBoiss. and ofB. fasciculatusC. Presl s.l. By its lectotypification and on the basis of new morphological characters, the validation ofB. fasciculatus subsp.delilei (Boiss.)H. Scholz 1971 was substantiated. This subspecies represents the eastern marginal segregate of the south-Mediterranean species.B. fasciculatus var.alexandrinusThell. is a minor variant of the typical subspecies.

Key words

Angiosperms Poaceae Bromus fasciculatus subsp.delilei. Callus shape leafsheath indumentum Near East and Mediterranean flora 


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  • Hildemar Scholz
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  1. 1.Botanical Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-DahlemBerlin 33Germany

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