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Prevalence of antibodies againstToxoplasma gondii in pigs in Austria - an evaluation of data from 1982 and 1992

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To obtain information on the prevalence of antibodies againstToxoplasma gondii in pigs in Austria, 4697 blood samples from pigs were collected in the years 1982 and 1992 and tested by an indirect fluorescence antibody test. The results of the studies show that due to modern fattening systems the prevalence of infections withT. gondii in slaughtered pigs has obviously decreased in Austria during the last 10 years. The investigations indicate a significant difference in the rate of infection fection of pigs between 1982 (13.7%) and 1992 (0.9%). Additionally, the prevalence ofT. gondii antibodies in breeding sows (1982, 43.4%; 1992, 4.3%) was higher than that in fattening pigs (1982, 12.2%; 1992, 0.8%).

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