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Electrical field-stimulated release of L-[G-3H]-glutamate from tissue slices of the cestodeHymenolepis diminuta


The release of preloaded [3H]-L-glutamate by tissue slices ofHymenolepis diminuta was examined by the technique of electrical field stimulation. For tissues slices in balanced saline, a high-field strength of 1.78 A resulted in a highly elevated increase in the rate of release of radiolabel, which was suppressed in calcium-free saline. This technique may prove useful for screening helminth tissues for potential neurotransmitters.

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Webb, R.A. Electrical field-stimulated release of L-[G-3H]-glutamate from tissue slices of the cestodeHymenolepis diminuta . Parasitol Res 81, 173–174 (1995).

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