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A comparative study of carbon energy reserve metabolism ofC. tropicalis growing on glucose and on hydrocarbons

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Glycogen was markedly accumulated inCandida tropicalis growing on glucose with increasing limitation of external substrate supply. The same effect was caused by a N-free medium. The lipid content did not show any significant change in either case. On the hydrocarbon substrate, lipid increased as substrate availability decreased, whereas glycogen accumulation was only slight. However, the increase of lipid content on hydrocarbons did not reach the same level of accumulation as glycogen on glucose. In N-free medium both glycogen and lipids were accumulated, indicating that glycogen is not substituted by lipids as the carbon energy reserve on a hydrocarbon substrate.

In addition, a refined shift technique is described. The disturbing influence of excess substrate at the beginning of a shift from glucose to hydrocarbons is avoided by a portioned substrate feeding according to the cell activity.

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Käppeli, O., Aeschbach, H., Schneider, H. et al. A comparative study of carbon energy reserve metabolism ofC. tropicalis growing on glucose and on hydrocarbons. European J. Appl Microbiol. 1, 199–211 (1975). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00930693

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  • Glucose
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  • Hydrocarbon
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