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Attachment of the epimastigotes ofTrypanosoma cobitis (Mitrophanow, 1883) to the crop wall of the leech vectorHemiclepsis marginata


The method of attachment of the trypanosomeTrypanosoma cobitis to the crop wall of the leechHemiclepsis marginata is described. The tips of the flagella are modified to form large swollen intra-flagellar areas which interdigitate with the microvilli of the crop wall. Unlike most of the trypanosomatids previously examined, no hemidesmosome formation takes place in the region of the attachment.

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Lewis, J.W., Ball, S.J. Attachment of the epimastigotes ofTrypanosoma cobitis (Mitrophanow, 1883) to the crop wall of the leech vectorHemiclepsis marginata . Z. Parasitenkd. 60, 29–36 (1979).

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  • Trypanosoma
  • Stone Loach
  • Metacyclic Trypomastigote
  • Flagellar Membrane
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