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The role of tubificid worms as an intermediate host in the life cycle ofMyxobolus pavlovskii (Akhmerov, 1954)

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Myxobolus pavlovskii from the gills of silver carp (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix) were used in attempts to transmit the infection under laboratory conditions. Spores ofM. pavlovskii were placed in aquaria that contained sterilized sand and had been filled with tap water at 15–16°C. Furthermore, oligochaetes (90%Tubifex tubifex) were added and examined by wet mounts and histology,Hexactinomyxon spores developed after about 3 months only inT. tubifex that had been exposed toM. pavlovskii. Myxosporea-free silver carp developed cysts in their gills that containedM. pavlovskii at 120 days after contact withHexactinomyxon spores, proving thatM. pavlovskii also needs an oligochaete intermediate host for its development.

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Correspondence to R. W. Hoffmann.

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This study was supported by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (Grant No DFG Ho645/8-1)

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Ruidisch, S., El-Matbouli, M. & Hoffmann, R.W. The role of tubificid worms as an intermediate host in the life cycle ofMyxobolus pavlovskii (Akhmerov, 1954). Parasitol Res 77, 663–667 (1991).

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